Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA)

In accordance with Information Protection (IP) policies, Outlook Web App (OWA) times out after a period of inactivity.

  • At logon you will be prompted to choose if you’re using a public\shared or private computer to access OWA. Private has a longer timeout.
    • Default is Public\Shared (I.E. motel or airport kiosk computer). Time-out period for public is 20 minutes of inactivity
    •  Private (I.E. computer located at work, or home computer where you’re the only user). Timeout period is 30 minutes
  •  Default is “Premium” option but “Light” option can be used by clicking the appropriate box (check mark)
    • Premium option provides the complete set of OWA features. 
    • The Light option is the default for older browsers not supported by Premium (won’t have a choice). 
      • It provides fewer features but is faster for some operations. 
      • You may want to use this version if you have a slow connection or strict browser security settings
  • Renown users enter logon and password as the below sample shows
  •  Hometown Health users logon with hhpnet prefix (“hhpnet\your_user_name”)

  • OWA provides most options that Outlook 2010 does. Default view

  • When using the drafting new e-mails you can browse the address book
    • With “Inbox” highlighted click on “New” dropdown. Click on “To…”
    • You can search. You can click in browsing area and start typing where it will jump to that matching address
      • Shows address information in right pane.
    • Click “To >” or “Cc ->” to add to recipients. Click “Ok” to return to your draft

Click “Options” (upper right) to customize your preferences such as out of office, etc

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